It’s a new week and you are heading into work early to start your day.  You are minutes from work, and all of a sudden another driver hits your vehicle from behind.  Car accidents do happen and as much as the situation is stressful we are prepared to deal with it.  Accidents are the main reason why we purchase auto insurance.  The claims process can be tedious and stressful, using the following tips can help you speed up the process.

At Scene of the Accident

  • Gather personal information from every individual involved in the accident including all drivers, passengers, and bystanders.  The personal information that you need to collect is their names, telephone numbers, and an address.  Make sure you pass on this information to your insurance company along with any notes you have from witness statements.  Always keep copies of any information you share for yourself as well.
  • Collect insurance information from all the drivers of all vehicles involved in the accident and exchange information.  Take a picture of their insurance card and driver’s license to have faster access to all the information.
  • Pictures, take as many of the accident scene as you can.  If possible and safe take pictures of the accident before vehicles are moved.  Also, take pictures of all damages to your car, the other vehicle, and location.
  • Always call the police, never leave the scene of an accident without calling them.  When officers arrive at the scene they will take notes of what they see and of interviews they conducted.  Take the officers name along with information they give you that includes where to get a copy of the police report.  There may be situations where the police do not show up; if that is the case contact your insurance company before leaving the scene.

Contact Your Insurance Company

  • Be prompt in contacting your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident.  Calling your insurance company right after your car accident is helpful as all the information they will need from you will be fresh in your mind.
  • Cooperate with your insurance company by giving them all the information they need whether that’s is speaking with your or sending in documents of the accident.  Good communication with your claims adjuster is important as gathering all the information quickly can speed up your claim.
  • Be Honest about the accident with your insurance company even if you are the driver at fault. Not being honest to your insurance company regarding what happened can result in serious consequences. Insurance adjusters are constantly filling claims and have the experience in figuring out what happened. If you are less than forthcoming with your insurance company they can file an insurance fraud claim against you. This can result in a slower claim process as well as cause an increase in your insurance premium.

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