Tax season is finally here and you are ready to file. But do you know exactly what information you need to bring to your tax preparer?  Getting organized and having all needed documents for many can be the most difficult step when filing their tax return.  Use this checklist to gather all the documents you will need to file your tax return.  Some documents may not apply to you but all others are vital to process your tax return.

Do not forget 2016 federal tax returns are due on April 17, 2017

Personal Information

  • Your social security number, along with those of your spouse and dependents.
  • Your dependent children’s social security information is important as you are eligible for tax credit whether filing single or married.

Collect Your Wage and Deductions Information

  • Your employer will send out your W-2’s towards the end of January via mail. Other forms that you should receive as well include various 1099’s forms and Form 1095 showing health coverage.
  • Any information to show losses or gains, stock or bonds, brokerage statements and IRA contributions. Various Form 1098’s reporting mortgage interest, student loan, and tuition payments.
  • Gather receipts or records of purchases required for your job.  These receipts include items such as uniforms, equipment, and mileage and are not reimbursed by your employer.
  • Gather receipts or records detailing any donations whether monetary or merchandise made to charities.
  • Documents stating out-of-pocket expenses for medical services if not deducted from paycheck.
  • Documents stating a purchase of a new home or vehicle.

Start your prep work promptly to avoid any further delays to ensure you have a successful experience. If you gather all your information and have it organized will simplify things for your tax preparer saving you time.  If you are organized with your documents it will ensure you are receiving any and all tax benefits.