Fast & Easy Tax Prep Process

Our easy and seamless process makes having your tax return prepared by a tax preparation expert as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Online Tax Prep Appointment

Once you book your complimentary appointment, you ll receive a confirmation e-mail and a follow up phone call from a tax professional to gather info and start your tax prep estimates

Create Your Account

After booking your appointment, you will receive an email with instructions to  verify your info and get complimentary access to our client portal so you may access your account,  securely upload requested documents, and sign your tax prep.

Final Appointment

Congratulations!  You’ve completed the most difficult steps.  Sit back and relax while you join our tax prep professional in a online final review of your account to make sure all your requests and credits have been included in your tax prep.

r appointment is reserved, a message will be sent to your email to confirm your reservation.

An agent will also contact you by phone, text, or email, to collect any information needed to complete your request.

Other Services We Offer to Our Clients and Members:

Tax Preparation Services

Our seasoned professionals excel at preparing tax returns for individuals and businesses. We take the hassle out of tax season with our tools and processes.

Taxation Planning

Strategic tax planning is key to optimizing your financial strategy.

We offer comprehensive support services to help you lower tax liabilities while baselining your current and future financial goals

Tax Information Support

Stay informed and make well-informed decisions with our tax support and information services. Our experts provide up-to-date insights and information on tax regulations and changes that may impact your tax situation 


We will work on your request up until your appointment date to make sure you receive a thorough financial service experience.

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