It’s the summer, for the most part we have all been staying at home.  Now that some states have lifted their Covid-19 restrictions, a summer road trip is a great getaway.  If you are taking a road trip, you will need to do more planning and preparation than you have needed to in the past.  Especially with social distancing guidelines still in place for many states.  With that in mind, here are a few safety tips for your road trip.  Do not forget that if you plan to travel you will be required to wear a face mask in public places.

Tips For a Safe Road Trip

  • Pre-plan your route: Research the state you plan to visit as some may have restrictions on public places and rest areas. 
  • Know what to pack: Pack your favorite road trip snacks and bottled drinks to limit the need to stop for them along your route.  Do not forget masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and gloves.  Also bring with you plastic trash bags or resealable bags to dispose of these items correctly and other trash. 
  • Where to eat: Some states have allowed restaurants to resume dine-in services.  But with limited seating capacity as groups must be seated six feet apart.  For states not allowing dine-in services but there should be restaurants offering drive-thru or take-out.
  • Rest stops: You can visit to check on the status of rest areas in the states you are driving through.  The majority of the rest areas will be open but food services may be unavailable.  For the rest stops that are open, pay attention to hygiene as you will be exposing yourself to germs.
  • Staying safe at the pump: Health officials recommend the of use disposable gloves when pumping gas instead of wiping it down.  When paying for gas, use your credit card instead of cash to eliminate face to face contact with cashier.
  • Sleeping accommodations: Book hotels before you leave if you will be staying overnight along the way.  Some hotels may not have reopened so it would be good to reconfirm before you arrive.

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