Happy New Year! Did you plan a New Year’s resolutions?  I along with many others probably added to our resolution again to exercise, stop smoking or learn a new language.  Come February though we get too busy to continue taking that language course or going to the gym.  But what if there are ways to ensure you keep those New Year’s resolutions.

Tips to New Year’s resolutions you can stick to

  • Make a smaller resolution and move on from there.  For example, do not push yourself to the point of exhaustion to run a marathon.  Take a smaller step such as running a 5k then continue training for a marathon.
  • Be specific on what your resolution will be.  Do not just say, my New Year’s resolution is to get healthy instead take it step-by-step.  Vow to start with a 15 minute walk and control your eating portions.
  • Plan, plan, plan.  If you have a huge goal you want accomplished plan it out in detail.
  • Make your resolution aware to family and friends.  Sharing this information with others can help you have the motivation to continue and not quit.
  • Find a friend or family member that may have the same resolution as you.  Having a buddy system alone can be a great motivation to keep your New Year’s resolutions going.

With planning and incentives you can see your New Year’s resolutions through.

If after these tips you do not achieve your goal, then try this

  • Consider a disincentive for falling short of your goal.
  • Make a resolution to protect or enjoy what you already have.  Perhaps you just purchased your dream home or a new vehicle.  Take the time to enjoy what you already have and not skip over it to a new item or task.  Taking the time to look over your belongings will give you the opportunity to ensure they are protected properly.  It is helpful to ask:
    • Without home insurance can I rebuild my home if a disaster strikes?
    • If my personal belongings get stolen can I afford to replace them?
    • Is my family protected if I become disabled or worse?

For answers to these questions contact any of our agents we can guide you to proper coverage.  We are here to help you whether it is insurance for your home, vehicle or life.