Hurricane season officially begins on June 1st 2018 and lasts through November 1st 2018.  If you have been thinking about purchasing flood insurance the time to do so is now.  Hurricane Harvey caused such a devastation last year and so many around our communities are still not living in their homes.  Remember that only a few inches of water can cost you thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

Floods are the country’s most costly and common natural disaster with millions of dollars in damage every year.  Your homeowners insurance does not cover damages to your property from floods.  The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) covers direct physical damage caused by flooding to your building and personal property.  NFIP offers flood insurance requiring a 30-day waiting period before policy becomes effective.

Coverage when Purchasing Flood Insurance

Flood insurance coverage is limited for below-ground rooms like basements and crawl spaces along with contents.  Also keep in mind that floods are not the only potential source of water damage to your home.  Read over your homeowners’ insurance policy to review coverage when flood water is not what damages your property.  You can find out if your home is a flood risk at

Building Property Coverage – maximum coverage limit $250,000

Coverage includes the physical structure of your home and foundation, plumbing and electrical systems, central air and heating systems and a detached garage.  Other items included in the coverage are appliances, cabinets, permanently installed carpeting, paneling, wallboards and bookcases.  Policy regularly pays out on replacement cost basis which is the cost to repair the home in current pricing.

Personal Contents Coverage – maximum coverage limit $100,000

Personal belongings covered include clothing, furniture, electronic equipment, curtains and valuable items such as original artworks and furs to a certain limit.  Coverage also extends to portable air conditioners, microwave ovens and dishwashers, food freezers, also clothes washers and dryers.  Policy pays out your personal property on actual cash value of items taking depreciation into account.

Flood Insurance does not cover the following:

  • moisture or mold/mildew damage
  • currency, precious metals and paper valuables like stock certificates
  • outdoor property that includes decks, fences, patios, landscaping, hot tubs, pools, wells and septic systems
  • living expenses for temporary housing if flood damage causes your home to be uninhabitable
  • cars and other self-propelled vehicles