Now that summer is almost over, it may be time to start preparing your summer gear for storage.  Proper storage will keep your summer gear safe from damage in the event of rainstorms.  Keep in mind it is just as important to clean each item before storing them in a garage or unit.  Not cleaning each time from dirt, food or grease can cause damage over time.

For homeowners, who purchased equipment such as lawn mowers and weed whackers to help maintain your home it is important to do maintenance work and clean items before storing away.  Having enough storage room for these items can be difficult to find.  But if you do not have space in your home’s garage for storage try purchasing a shed or rent out a storage unit.

Before you start storing items away, decide what is worth keeping and what has made it through its last summer.  If you have items that are broken, torn or rusted it may be wise to throw those items away.  If an item calls for a good cleaning, decide whether you want to invest time in cleaning it or having to repaint it.  You can always donate items you do not want to take the time to clean and store other items that require less or no work.  Follow these tips to organize your gear and prep it for storage instead of leaving items outside.

Summer Gear Storage Tips

  • Patio Furniture

Patio furniture will need special attention before placing in storage such as wiping away pollen or dirt and cover it up.  Leaving patio furniture outside can lead to rust, water damage or wood wear.  For patio cushions that are removable, take out filling and wipe outer cover with a dry cloth to remove dust, pollen or dirt.  Take extra care when cleaning or treating spots from oil, food or sunblock as these can break down fabrics over time and attract pests.

  • Lawn Equipment

Check the lawn mower’s manufacturer instructions for requirements such as draining the engine or if adding a fuel stabilizer to tank is enough.  Remove spark plug and draining the fuel tank when prepping your lawn mower for storage.  Have each piece of equipment properly cleaned removing grass from underneath or around and top off the oil before storing.

  • Grills

Scrub grill with a grill brush to remove caked on food, do not use water as it can cause rust.  Use oil to condition metal pieces and loosen any food particles and empty coal or wood chips.  The exterior can be wiped down with a dry cloth and the conditioned with oil along with any moving parts.  Tighten the valve on propane tank.  If you are not using the grill for a while disconnect tank and store it away from your home.  Cover your grill once it is cleaned with a fitted cover.

  • Gardening Tools

All your gardening tools should be stored as you will not gardening in the fall or winter.  Thoroughly clean each item with soap and water as well as apply a protective coating to surfaces.  Sand down wooden handles and sharpen metal edges to keep gear in top shape.  When packing away gardening tools use walls as a storage solution to save space in storage for larger items.