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Entrepreneur Membership

Getting started in the markets

Business Owner

Looking for business developing opportunities


Seeks opportunity by mingling and mixing in groups. Likes to meet new people and go to events


Content creator/developer with merchandise or engagement opportunities to  to offer followers

Tax Professional

Bookkeepers, Accountants, CPAs, Tax Prep Firms, Tax Reduction Service Providers, Financial Professionals


Owns/Managers/Directs a clinic or a medical practice of any kind


Supports local non-profits through engagement and sponsorships

Geek Boss

Likes technology of all sorts and being on the forefront of tech discoveries

Boss Girl

Likes to be independent and the business world

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Real Estate Services

Up to $600 home warranty included in the sale or purchase of a listed home. Dedicated team of real estate professionals available with activation of any membership program.

Health & Nutritional Services

6 months of membership from MyFitFoods included with activation of any membership program. This $60 value can save you hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours from cooking and cleaning.

Business & Branding Development

Legal Services

Get documents reviewed by a legal professional to protect you and your family’s assets. Exclusive member rates 10% off for Wills, Contract Review, Partnership Agreements, entity formation and Tax Disputes with IRS.

Payroll Services

3 months of ADP free payroll included in any membership program applied and approved by August 31st, 2022.

Energy Cost Management

Complimentary quarterly, semiannual, or annual Kilowatt cost and usage review from specialists in the residential and commercial energy industry. Solar energy set up available.


Included with all member activations: 15% off all F45 Live workout memberships.

Securities & Investments

Complimentary investment strategy design analysis from licensed financial professionals 10+ years experience with any membership program.

Event Planning

Insurance / Risk Control

Waived home, auto, and commercial insurance application agency fees for with any membership activation. Year round support from professionals in the Property & Casualty insurance market that will aid our members to mitigate unexpected risks and insurance costs.