It’s a wonderful time of year with Christmas right around the corner.  The holidays are a time well spent with family and friends around the Christmas tree or a warm fireplace.  Many of us will bring out our decorations from storage and ready to hang them up in celebration of the holidays.  As you begin decorating make other preparations that can help you avoid potential fire hazards.  Remember that safety is always the number one priority because you do not want an electrical shortage, fire or a serious injury.  Follow these electrical safety tips for the holidays to ensure you and your family have a safe and memorable time.

Electrical Safety Tips

  • If your decorations contain electrical cords make sure to inspect each item for damage.  Plan your displays according to the availability of outlets and their location.  Make sure you follow all manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets.  Overloaded electrical outlets and faulty wires are common causes of fires during the holidays.
  • Extension cords and decorations made for outdoor will be marked specifically and keep away from power lines.
  • If you are purchasing a live tree or an artificial one there are precautions to take.  For a live tree, always check for freshness as these will stay green longer and are less of a fire hazard.  Purchase a fire resistant artificial tree and make sure not to use electrical ornaments or light strings placing it clear from all heat sources.
  • Take the proper precautions to avoid shock or fire hazards from decorations and appliances.  You can protect your home from fires by avoiding electrical cords placed under rugs, attached by nails or near heat sources.
  • Make sure no never leave a kitchen unattended when cooking as many house fires start in the kitchen.  If you must leave your kitchen turn off all ovens and unplug appliances keeping them out of reach from children.
  • Turn off, unplug and extinguish all decorations when leaving your home or going to sleep.
  • If you are thinking of buying children electronics read instructions and warning labels.  Make sure each toy is for the appropriate child’s age group and supervise will they play with their toys.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at Premium Insurance.