As the year winds down many companies, including your own are making plans to have a Christmas office party.  Companies create these events to thank their employees for a job well done and hard work throughout the year.  Many employees use office parties as a chance to have fun and advance their careers others misbehave ending their careers.  Although holiday office parties are events intended to reward employees do not forget that they are business events.  And as so your behavior is probably being observed by not only your co-workers but also your boss.  Make sure to attend your holiday office party as it shows you are part of the team.  Not attending could hurt you in the long run.

Smile. Be friendly. Be the first one to say hi.

Follow these basic rules and guidelines to ensure you thrive at your holiday office party.

  • Do not get too cozy with a co-worker as this is frowned upon since dating could potentially disrupt work.
  • Conduct yourself professionally at all times but make sure to have fun.
  • Do not drink excessively, this will prevent any situations that could affect your job and reputation.
  • Ask whether attire for the office party is casual or formal, do not arrive in clothing that is too revealing.
  • Be sure you know who is invited. Spouses or significant others may not be welcomed as the office party may be limited to employees only.
  • Interact with everyone at the office party, keeping all conversations positive and upbeat. Also stay away from talking about yourself all night and controversial subjects.
  • Take the time to network with other guests at the party who could influence your career.
  • Show gratitude to those who organized the party