We are at the final days before the April 18th tax deadline and you have not gathered all information needed to complete your tax return.  Now you are wondering what you can do to not get penalized for not filing your return on time.  The Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers to request an extension to file their tax return as long as request is received before filing deadline.  Your request can be completed by filing Form 4868 that gives you six months to file your tax return.  The extension gives you until October 15th to gather all your financial information and file your tax return.  Keep in mind that this extension is only to extend your filing date.  Payments must be made by the deadline so you can avoid paying any penalties or interests on owed taxes.

Ways to Request an Extension:

  • File Form 4868 electronically online
  • Send Form 4868 by mail if you file a paper tax return
  • Pay all or a part of the taxes you expect to owe.  You can use the IRS electronic payment system to make payment with a credit card or debit card.

You Can Get More Time to File If:

  • As a member of the armed forces serving in Afghanistan or other combat zones.  Taxpayers can wait up to 180 days after leaving combat to file returns and pay any taxes due.
  • U.S citizens and resident aliens who live and work abroad along with military on duty outside the U.S.  These taxpayers have until June 17th to file their return but tax payments are still due April 18th.
  • Taxpayers affected by recent natural disasters such as tornados, severe storms and floods.  A federal disaster declarations helps taxpayers affected by any natural disaster to file and pay by April 30th.

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