Cyber Monday, usually the Monday after Thanksgiving, is one of the biggest days of the year for online sales.  Shoppers can usually snag exclusive deals and bargains during this 24 hour online shopping period.  But does a rise in online shopping also mean a rise in the probability of falling victim to cyber-crime?  Cyber-crimes are a year-round constant but the frantic pace of the holidays increases vulnerability for shoppers and employees.  When making purchases online, take your time and review your order before submitting.  Look for the return policy during the holidays.  As you can return items for a full refund some stores may have restocking fees on items such as cellular phones and electronics.

Cyber Monday Safety Tips

You can protect your personal information this Cyber Monday while shopping online by following these helpful tips. 

  • Shop only from credible websites.  Avoid buying merchandise from unknown retailers or companies with negative purchase ratings.  Make sure “https://” appears in the URL to ensure your credit card and personal information is encrypted.
  • Be cautious of deals sounding too good to be true.  Criminals can pose as trusted retailers online to advertise a special deal via email to steal your personal information.
  • Never click on links you receive in an email.  Always navigate directly to the company’s website to follow links or enter coupons for advertised specials.
  • Be aware of porch pirates taking your packages when ordering online.  Package theft can be avoided by installing a doorbell camera, have items delivered to work address and use private or public lock boxes.
  • Report credit or debit card fraud immediately if you see charges that you have not made.
  • Do your online shopping from home.  Do not trust public Wi-Fi networks as your personal information may not be secure.
  • Check out to look up a business, file a complaint, write a customer review, report a scam,
Happy Holiday Shopping!!!!!