The holiday season has arrived and most non-retail employers close up shop.  Many of us will then enjoy our time with family and friends.  But unfortunately with all of its cheer, holidays also bring hazards and risks.  There are increases in fire resulting from space heaters and burglaries as many vacation away from home for the holidays.  With this in mind, keep your business safe by practicing the safety and security tips below.

Business Security Tips

Follow these tips to protect your business during the holidays

  • Have a detailed plan in place as a response to an attack that could potentially happen or managing staff shortages.
  • Perform an audit on point-of-sale systems your business uses.
  • Refresh employees on common scams such as phishing, missed or deceptive package deliveries, and fraudulent gift cards.
  • Diversify your business’s financial assets in multiple banks to ensure if compromised your business will not be affected.
  • Prepare for staffing shortages and communicate to employees their responsibilities.

There are tasks that you can complete to protect your business and surroundings.  A properly lit business will detect if anyone is inside during off hours and can be seen from the outside.  Install window locks designed to be unreachable and unlocked after being broken.  Install a security system that will alarm police if windows or doors are broken or opened.  Make sure all exterior doors have dead bolt locks or latches.  For added security hire a private business security firm to minimize threats giving customers and employees a sense of security.

Maintain a Safe Workplace

Set up an environment for your employees that promotes safe practices to reduce risks of injury.  Safe practices include the use of ladders and good housekeeping.  These actions help protect employees and customers daily as well as when there is increased foot traffic.  To increase safety consider:

  • Choosing non-combustible decorations and keep away from heat or other ignition sources.
  • Carefully select locations for displays and products that do not cover emergency exit signs or that clutter aisles.
  • Maintaining inventory levels in order to keep backrooms and storage areas from overcrowding.  Also, overstocking shelves could lead to falling merchandise that could injure staff or customers.

Help Prevent Employee Theft

If you plan on hiring temporary help for the holidays it could mean an increase in potential theft.  It can be beneficial to pair temporary employees with those more experienced to control specific tasks assigned.  With additional employees and more merchandise present during the holidays make sure to have steps in place protecting your inventory.  You should keep track daily of transactions, review security camera video and validate voided sales to help reduce theft.  Purchasing cameras and hiring supervisors for sales floor can help in preventing theft and business security.  Communicate to your employees on theft protocols and be consistent when enforcing them.

Protect from Cyber Extortion

Cyber criminals can threaten to shut down your business’s computer systems or erase data.  Unfortunately, cyber-attacks have become more common when you see reports of published private and personal information.  If a customer has visited your business and even your employees can have their information leaked.  You can protect your business against cyber extortion by taking the following steps:

  1. Ensure computer systems have firewall and antivirus technology that are constantly updated.
  2. Create file and data back-ups to retain business’s information.
  3. Protect your business with insurance coverage designed to cover data breach costs.
  4. Make a plan to help manage data breaches and train employees to recognize email scams.
  5. Perform background checks on employees.

Having appropriate insurance coverage can make the difference if an event occurs.  Make an appointment with any of our agents to go over your current policy or receive a quote.