Benjamin Franklin’s intellect and available resources helped his community through collaboration and strategic design. There is so much information and resources available now in comparison to what was available while Benjamin Franklin was alive. Most of our accomplishments are relatively miniscule in nature when comparing them to some of the greatest minds of our time. Clearly this original influencer has possibly impacted our society more than all the social media platforms and influencers combined.

This master influencer negotiated, fundraised, and served as diplomat for the independence of The United States of America, considered the most advanced world power in human history. He aided in creating, presenting, and signing the Declaration of Independence. He was the 1st person known to use the term “battery” as related to his electricity experiments in 1749 and invented a great deal of items which are still used today.

Some things you may not know about Benjamin Franklin:

  • designed a working lighting rod. Though not the first to see the connection between lighting and electricity, he was the first to confirm their relationship. Allowing churches, castles, and libraries to be spared from the destructive power of lighting while minimizing damages from fires.
  • owned his own printing press. This allowed him to produce his own publications for The Pennsylvania Gazette, which was used as a communications tool to distribute the 1st political cartoon in America “Join or Die” as well as countless other news and opinionated articles. Additionally, he heavily advocated for the need of paper currency and used his printing press to get contracts to print Pennsylvania currency (money). Being an avid writer, he published several books along with stories under his own name. He used various pseudonyms when he did not want the public to know the writing pieces were his.
  • founded the 1st insurance company in the United States, The Philadelphia Contributionship. In a time when lighting was an unknown wonder, terrorizing humanity with uncontrolled fires, this company helped homeowners recuperate building losses from fire using a “pool” of resources from the premiums collected.
  • advocated for and founded the 1st Volunteer fire department in America, The Union Fire Company.

In short summary, without our advanced technology Ben Franklin’s problem-solving ability allowed him to: 

  • tame the amazing power of lightning
  • own a printing press to exert his influence through his newspaper and print money
  • create the 1st insurance company in America solving financial problems caused by fires
  • create a lightning rod to solve damages from lighting strikes
  • found the 1st volunteer fire department in America
  • be a Founding Father of the United States of America

After all that, he influences his face into the highest denomination currency of the US, the $100 bill.

So in honor of Ben Franklin, I’ve collaborated with artists, producers, and distributors on  a design for clothing and educational items that symbolizes this real life super hero’s accomplishments and assigned funding from their profits which also include selected non-profit organizations as follows: 

  • 30% collaborators – artists and commenters
  • 30% distributors – website and delivery
  • 29.995% administrative – program and funds administration
  • .005% owners of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s)
  • 10% non-profit recipient – varies by date

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