Recently I had the opportunity to interview members of La Mafia and it was truly an inspiring experience. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the video. In the mean time here are some of the valuable lessons I learned from our conversation.

  • It’s in the Delivery
    As musicians, they emphasized the need to not just create great music, but to also deliver it in a powerful and memorable way. This means paying attention to things such as stage presence, vocal control, and audience engagement.
  • You Got to be Hungry
    Members stressed the importance of staying hungry and never becoming complacent. Even after achieving great success and recognition, they continue to work hard and strive for more. They believe that hunger is what drives them to be their best and continue to grow as artists.
  • You Can Make Yourself a “Genius”
    Talent is only part of the equation when it comes to success in the music industry. They believe that anyone can become a “genius” by putting in the time, effort, and dedication required to master their craft. This means constantly learning and improving, even when it’s difficult or challenging.
  • Production Takes Time and Patience
    La Mafia members also emphasized the importance of taking the time to produce quality music. They explained that their creative process often involves a lot of trial and error. It is important to be patient and persistent in order to create something truly great.
  • The Merch Factor
    Finally, La Mafia stressed the importance of merchandise sales to support their work and connect with fans. They encouraged their audience to buy their merchandise and wear it proudly, as a way of showing support and spreading the word about their music

Interviewing La Mafia was an eye-opening experience that taught me a lot about what it takes to succeed in the music industry. From the importance of delivery and hunger to the value of patience and persistence. I came away with a newfound appreciation for the hard work and dedication required to make it as a musician. And of course, I’ll be proudly sporting my La Mafia merch from now on!