Image result for back to schoolThe last weeks of summer are slowly creeping upon us and a new school year is right around the corner.  A new school year is a big transition whether you’re ready for school to begin or dreading busier days.  Always encourage your children that once they start school they will be learning so much and meeting new people.  Children starting school for the first time or moving to a new school have to cope with the biggest adjustment.  The physical and mental challenges children face such as new teachers, new social circle and academic demands can weigh heavy.  But with a bit of preparation you can make those first few weeks of school easier for your child.

New School Year Tips

  1. Make sure your child is familiar with the school.  If they stayed in the same school only speak to them regarding differences this year as opposed to last.  But if this will be their first year take a few trips to the school before classes begin.  If the school is open, walk inside together to see the layout of the school.  During orientation your child will be shown the school but she may be more focused with you around.
  2. Facilitate bonding with their teacher and other kids.  Contact your child’s teacher to arrange a meet and greet so they can get to know their teacher.  Reach out to other families in the neighborhood to see if their kids have the same teacher.  Arranging a play date with other kids can help your child connect with them and ease the first day of school jitters.
  3. Get them back on an early bed schedule.  During the summer your probably allowed your child to stay up later than usual.  A few weeks before school starts get them in bed by 9pm so they get at least 9 hours of sleep.  If your child needs to complete an assignment before school starts make sure it has been completed and reviewed by you a week before start of school.
  4. Practice saying goodbye.  On the first day of school, be alert for signs that your child is worried or nervous.  Speak with an administrator to see if you are allowed to walk your child to their classroom.  This may help ease your child in feeling comfortable around other kids and their teacher.  If your child gets teary eyed when you say goodbye, assure them that they will do great and that you cannot wait to see him or her at the end of the day.  Practice a routine with your child so that they can be successful in class when you leave with their focus turning over to the teacher.
  5. Be a few minutes early for pick up the first week of school.  Your child may become anxious if he or she does not see you immediately. They may also cry when they see you but it is their way letting out all the stress from their first day. Do not be hard on them and be sure to talk to them about their day.